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I've decided that I need to use applied music therapy on myself. Rather than allowing myself to listen to music that satisfies my inner jackass, I am only listening to music that has positive connotations for me, or is otherwise uplifting. In this way I will accentuate the positive, and conversely, eliminate the negative. Mister In-Between will remain un-messed around.

So far it's working, somewhat. The songs that run through my head are less gloomy, and my unscientific (because I am not wearing protective eyewear) analysis is that I do feel better. There are probably many other factors involved, but I do think it's making a difference.

Songs that have made it through the filter today include:

Fallen Angel
Funny Funny Me
We Could Write Letters
Breakout (for odd reasons)
Live as You Dream
Give 'Em Whiskey
Groove is in the Heart
And several prancing jangly tunes by the Ocean Blue.

I will follow up on this post with more scientific results in the future (after putting on protective eyewear).

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