Meat Dream

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Last night I was having a very hard time. My emotions were conflicted and I didn't know what to do about it. I was angry, I was hurt, and I knew that neither of those were going to do anything to help the situation. So I found some old things and spent some time looking at them. It really brought me back to a much better place, a place where, by seeing the beginning, it reminded me of how it got here, and how it doesn't have to be like this.

Anyway, later, I fell asleep. And I had the strangest dream. We were parked outsite of what looked like a greek resturaunt. We went inside to see what they had. It was basically greek style food, but with the widest array of possible meats that you can imagine. There was the usual pork, goat, lamb, beef and chicken, of course. But there was so much more; bear (including Polar), wolf, which was distrubing because it would taste like dog, Fox, Otter, all sorts of things. All of it stacked in cases, along with other, non-edible oddities, like ancient medical equipment, preserved speciman jars, dinosaur bones. I can't even remember. We got a table, then I went back to get the kids, who were still in the car.

When I got back to the table we were now sharing the able with another couple (with room left for the kids). I grabbed my stepson and started taking him around to look at everything - I can't remember what, though I do recall a machine that dispensed Corn Dogs, and another that dispensed kabob - Chicken, Beef or Pork, which seemed weird for a place that serves otter.

We went back to the table, my stepson excited about the possibility of eating wolf. When we got there, my wife pointed out a huge set of jumbo flatscreens that bisected the room, displaying moving logos of animals on each side. There was this creepy South American bird that literally splits its mouth all the way, its beak opened like a clamshell. Then on another screen there was some kind of hawk, or, as it turned out a Bald Eagle. When I finally saw the North Coast Manatee, I realized that everthing on the screens was an endangered species and pointed this out the everyone. We all immediately understood that the stylized images of endangered species - things we could not eat - were intended to help us work up an appitite for the merely threatened species we were going to eat. Table service was horrible and it was taking forver to put in our orders. For some reason I wandered off and into the back yard of the restaurant (it HAD A BACK YARD, okay?). There were lots of big trees, and most strangely, the father of one of my daughters friends was there, trying to sell some people on a dotcom venture of some sort. He got them interested, and when they agreed to buy in, he took out a giant hunting knife and went off to this one already pretty slashed at trees and hacked at it to get some wood chips. He then went over to another tree and using the knife slashed off a thin, whip-like branch.

Taking the branch, he began to climb another tree until he came level with a natural beehive that was far up in the branchs. He took out the whip-like stick and began to just beat on the nest with it.

Bees came pouring out of the hive, and racing right toward me. I started to run, and as I ran I put my arms out at my sides, like "T" shape with a head. With each step I would put a little bounce into, wave my arms gently, and bob my head.

My reasoning was that a bee cannot land on something that is moving vertically and horizontally at the same time, which made sense the dream. And no bees landed on me, though the swarmed all around me.

For as weird as it was, I woke up refreshed and feeling happy. I don't know if it's because my wife and the kids were in the dream, because the bees swarming around me were beautiful, or because of all the rare meats.

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Ummmm...I think Freud would either lose his shit or have a field day trying to interpet this one.

And now it's corrected to remove stream of consciousness, fingers on the wrong keys typos.

The thing that I don't think I ever be able to explain is how great I felt when I woke up.

You notice how I didn't cap on you for the massive typos?
You must realize what a amazing amount of constraint that shows especially for me.
Well, that and I figured that maybe you'd actually typed that post in your sleep all hopped up on sleeping pills.

I do appreciate it. I know how hard it is.

Actually, I had taken a sleeping pill before I wrote it, but it was nowhere near long enough that I could have been considered "Hopped up". Skipping a bit, but no hopping.

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