Adventures in Television (Part 4)

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It's funny how easy it is to overlook any one of the 15,000 things that you can update on your computer at any given moment.

On the PVR computer I have within the last two weeks gone to Windows update for patches, upgraded to a point release of BeyondTV (the releases specifically state that the update does nothing that would affect any of the problems I am having), updated the machines BIOS, and even performed hardware upgrades to try to get this damn harddisk thrashing/TV viewing lockup thing to stop.

Then along came Will reminding me that my motherboard drivers might not be up to date.

Actually, I have no idea if they were out of date or not - Gigabyte's site doesn't make it easy to figure when the driver version they have were relased, and it's almost impossible to figure out which specific driver version maps to the driver releases on the site.

But I downloaded everything they had and updates what ws on the machine.

I haven't had much of a chance to use it under real conditions yet, but I did just sit downstairs changing channels, watching recorded shows then suddenly switching to Live TV (So the computer would not be expecting it) and so far, no problems.

So, until it starts crashing again, thank you Will.

Of course, once it starts crashing again, now I will consider it your fault.

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Helping people with the things they really use makes me feel like a Good Christian(TM)

> Of course, once it starts crashing again, now I will consider it your fault.

If the graphics card starts locking up on you it probably really IS my fault.

Ah Will, I will release some doves for you in honor of your Good Christian-ness TM

Now, the my motherboard chipset and drivers are from A Particular Company TM, so I might be able to throw some blame your way...

Actually though, everything seems to be working peachy-keen after updating the MB drivers.

Fingers crossed.

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