You Don't Like What?!?!

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So, apparently in his latest book of essays (I have no idea what it is called, because, frankly I don't care) Jonathan Latham makes a comment about true movie geeks who judge their relationships success (or more likely, failure) by the cinematic compatibility of their erstwhile/former mate.

I totally get this.

I really think that I have gotten better over the years. My wife can't stand Brazil, which is obviously the 4th greatest movie ever made (points to those who know which 3 are better, and why), but I love her anyway (most of the time).

But I really do understand that movies are a litmus test - the movies that you like (or don't) tell more about you than any internet quiz you could ever take. I don't care which Star Trek Character you are most like (did Wil Wheaton get Wesley Crusher when he took that quiz? Have to ask) - all I care about is whether or not you liked Blue Velvet. If you did, then affinity between us is possible. If you didn't, then what did you think about City of Lost Children? (My wife hates it also, but see note above re: Brazil...)

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