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The update of the site continues...

I have updated all the templates and stylesheets so everything is now back to the colors you know and love.

I have also put all of the pages under the control of Movable Type, not just the blog pages. You can see this is you go to, oh say, I know that a lot of people who use Movable Type are interested in doing this, if you want to know how I did it, leave a comment asking.

The next big thing is to redo the the CD pages, whcih are all screwed up right now. The main problem is that there are just so many of them - somewhere in the neighborhood of 200. I'm trying to figure out some way that I can use Movable Type to automatically generate the sidebar information, but use the Amazon Assistant program that I wrote to generate the pages and include the sidebar that AA generates. I think it's doable, I just need some spare time to sit and think about it. Current thinking right now is to set them all up as shtml files and do an include on a MT geenrated html fragment that does the sidebar stuff.

Anyone played with doing something like that?

Of course, I could just brute force the whole thing and sit and copy and past stuff into movable type for a day or so, but that seems to boring even for me.

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