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So, as you may have noticed Edwin Gore's Dopey Homepage has moved, and is now located here, at http://www.edgore.com.

Hopefully people will be able to follow the move over to here - Everything except the main directory at shinra.com forwards to here, so all of the rest of the content at shinra.com still survives, though the templating is all screwed up, and it's unreadable. Gotta fix that.

I'm still debating whether or not I should put a link from the new shinra.com homepage to here, but I don't want to mess with the cult pages very much.

We shall see.

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Hey!!! There was a good 90 seconds of confusion when I went to shinra.com. Did he sell the domain to a freaky cult? Has he *Started* a freaky cult? It seemed like something you would do. Anyways I love and miss you. Email me so I can give you my address in Los Angeles!

Kisses, Jessie

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