Cult site is up

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Alrighty. I've now built a basic site for my cult. Feel free to take a look at it, and donate your worldly belongings to me.

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GNU Cultware Vulnerability Advisory 0064397/H211

Vulnerability Issues in distributions of GNU Cult Development Kit

Version Information

Advisory Reference 0064397/H211
Release Date 6 December 2004
Last Revision 30 September 2003
Version Number 1.01

What is Affected?

The vulterabilities described in this advisory affect the GNU Cult Development Kit, Red Hat CultWare(TM), and SuSE CultenDeSheizenFisteWerkenDePupenShafte. Many Vendors distributions have included mind control scripts and asset management software which may be vulnerable to exploits from the AMWAY.12 worm and the Jehova's Witness relocation program.


The severity of these vulnerabilities varies by vendor. Please contact your vendor for more information.

If exploited, these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to pass through the emotive conditioning and control phase carrying a payload of Jack Chick publications, multilevel marketing materials, or other family-oriented malware.

Previous incidents have also been reported where infected wetware corrupted vital data in the asset management, comet orbital tracking, mixology, and horticultural software modules that resulted in loss of material assets, life, and groove.

Please contact your GNU Cultware vendor to ensure that you have the latest patches installed.

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