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Stupid-as-a-Post Design

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I'm getting really, really tired of the "Intelligent Design" crowd. You know, the people who say that we should not be teaching kids evolution, or "just evolution" in school because there is another theory "Intelligent Design" that posits that life on earth is too complex to have arisen naturally - it had to be guided by an intelligence. They will then disingenuously tell "we don't know what that intelligence might be -it could be aliens! Or maybe God."

They also like to use the example of someone driving down the highway and seeing Mount Rushmore - Obviously when you see Mount Rushmore you don't think that it occured naturally - it could only have been made by an intelligence. Well, life is more complicated than Mount Rushmore - so, ipso facto, Intelligent Design.

Well, morons that are not trying to put religion into school, let me ask you this. Your aliens...I assume they came from you know, another planet. How did they come into being? Not evolution, right, because you have already "disproved" that. So, let's say that other aliens made them. Now continue along that path...who made them? More aliens? And so on. Well morons, at some point something either needed to be created by God, or evolve. And guess what..."created by God", is not going to make it in a science class.

Now shut the hell up, and go watch the Discovery Channel.

Oh, and Mount Rushmore? It is a naturally occuring phenomena. Think about have some primordial wait about 3 billion get a monkey...wait a few million years more...a "man"...then about 300,000 years later, they make Mount Rushmore. See? Perfectly natural.

Cult site is up

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Alrighty. I've now built a basic site for my cult. Feel free to take a look at it, and donate your worldly belongings to me.

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