On the bright side

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I suppose there is one potential bright side to all of this election news. Keep in mind that Nixon also got his second term...and enough rope to hang himself.

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You call this page, "Dumb Stuff I Care About" but your current rants don't fit into the "dumb stuff" category.

I was tremendously disappointed by the outcome of the election. However, it just reinforces my belief that the majority of humans in the world, including the residents of our U.S of A. are of below average intelligence, and below-below-average-intelligence. It's scary.

I read a letter recently by Dave Barry (amusing columnist) advising all intelligent people to get busy and breed like rabbits. He didn't use the word "breed", but I'm at work typing this, and may be monitored at any time.

Fascism has won the hearts of the heartland once again and we're in for another 4 years of stupid one-liners and fumbling policy implementation.

There are so many lovely places in the world to live. I'd like to convince my same-sex partner to move away with me to some island where we can enjoy each day and wait for the big nuclear bang (or whatever the Republicans use to destroy civilization as we know it). Unfortunately, she is somewhat conservative (I can't explain it - ask her) and probably won't leave the US.

Congratulate us - we got illegally married over the summer (i.e. - I still don't have health benefits from her "diversity-friendly" company, and people have actually said to our faces, "but it isn't a "real" marriage...). Our marriage is as real and committed as any other couple's marriage. We are more committed than many of the straight people we know, who are in common-law situations and are reciving shared benefits and other such perks from the conservative culture.

I'm sure I don't need to rant about this to anyone else here, but the fact that this fascist administration will continue for another 4 years scares me and gives me no hope that I will have health insurance any time soon unless I max out my credit cards. I suggested to Heidi that we legally marry a lovely gay male couple. That way her benefits can benefit one of the guys, and one of the guys' benefits can benefit me. That way we're really working within the system's limitations to get what the deserving humans receive from being fully employed, hard-working-contributing members of society.

Anyway - have a great day in the continuingly conservative USA!!!

Love ya babe.


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