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So, hooray! John Ashcroft is leaving as Attorney General! No more "Let the Eagle Soar" and covered up statue boobs!

Oh...wait...maybe it's not so good. Our president, in his wisdom, has choose Albert Gonzales to replace Ashcroft. You may remember him as the wacky next door neighbor in the Abu Ghraib scandle - the one who wrote the memos arguing that during a war the president can use torture and suspend whatever national or international laws happen to restrain him.

He's also the guy who determined that we can hold citizans without charges indefinately because we feel like it.

I'm told that we are supposed to be happy about the job he has done advising the President because at least we don't have Muslim Internment camps.

Yeah...this is the guy who should be the head of law enforcement in the U.S. Right.

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