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So, last night's Vice Presidential debate was a little bit of a surprise.

First, I was surprised that Edwards didn't use the classic Star Trek "I'm lying right now" ploy to disrupt Cheney's logic circuits, thereby destroying his central processors and turning him into a smoking mass of melted plastic and silicon.

Second, I had assumed that at some point in the debate Cheney would use his Sith force powers to choke the life out of Edwards from across the desk.

Neither happend, which has made me sad. Instead they both talked on and on, and neither did a great job. Cheney lied more than Edwards did ("I never said there was a connection between 9/11 and Iraq" Um...really?), and Edwards did not do a great job of calling him on it.

There were some good bits though. I have to go through the video and get a still of the moment when Cheney actually snarled. And out of fairness, the time that Edwards had an expression on his face that can only be described as "boy's school Prefect".

Looking forward to carnage on Friday now, given Bush's crazy-ass speech that he gave today. It's funny when he's crazy, cause his finger is on the button.

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