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This was originally going to be a non-partisan "Hey, if you are registered to vote you really should go out and vote!" kind of a post, but darn it, I just can't bring myself to do it.

Instead, I'm going to have to go with the partisan, "Hey, if you are registered to vote, you MUST go out and vote for John Kerry!".

Why you ask? Well, there are probably about 3000 reasons, but I am only going to present one. It's the one that I think trumps all other reasons, because it goes to the very core of what this country is supposed to be about, and that is the current administrations belief that it can suspend constitutional protections for citizens basically because they feel like it. So far we have had two U.S. citizens held indefinately without charges (though to be "fair" one was released, after abdicating his citizanship).

This is a crime against our constitution. Our country is founded on the idea that the power of government arises from the will of the people - remember the whole inalienable rights thing? This administration seems to be under the impression that our rights and our citizenship are privileges that are granted to us at their sufferance. This and this alone should be enough to make any voter throw them out of office.

Sure, there are lots of other reasons to get rid of these people, and there are even some good reasons to vote Kerry in, but this is the one issue that I think crosses all political lines. Every single person in America, regardless of politics, should be able to agree that as a U.S. citizen you have certain rights that the government cannot take away, and that any government that tries to do so should be removed.

It's funny because all of these less government, 2nd amendment protecting right wingers are going to vote for Bush when he has already shown that he stands for exactly the opposite of what they claim to believe in.

And if Kerry tries to pull any of this crap, you will see a post advocating his removal.

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This morning I got up sooper early to cast my ballot and was SO pleased to see that my district didn't have TouchScreen(TM) technology.

I think you're right: There are some issues that just transcend political alignment:

1) Failure to bring Bin Laden to justice
2) Starting a bullshit war in Iraq over imaginary WMDs.
3) Failure to address the threat of real North Korean Nuclear weapons.
4) Undermining Civil Liberties
5) Faith-Based Missile Defense
6) President & Vice President from Oil industry. Gasoline @ $2.75 a gallon. Oil at $50.15 a barrel. Hmm...
7) No bid contracts for Halliburton & Bechtel. Hmm...
8) Increase the size of government, fight two wars, turning surplus into record deficits while paying out huge tax cuts to the wealthy
9) The competence gap
10) The eloquence gap

I really worry though about the Republicans rigging things:

* Troops overseas have to vote by fax or email
* Touchscreen machines made by Republican-owned companies
* Brown-Shirt voter-challengers at the polls slowing things down
* Florida shenanigans
* James Baker armed with Lawyers, Guns, and Money

I think a lot of Conservative(TM) conservatives are actually staying home or supporting Kerry this time around. I work with a John Bircher who is holding his nose and voting for Kerry just because of reasons #6 and #9. I have a relative who is a Vietnam-Vet-Who-Thinks-We-Should-Have-Stayed-There who is voting against him for #2.

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