Who Are They Fooling

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So...who exactly does the RNC think they are fooling by putting up a middle of the road front with a bunch of speakers who are openly referred to as "out of touch wit the party" and "Republicans in Name Only" by the people in charge of the party?

Are people so unaware that they will look see the moderate speakers getting time at the convention and ignore the platform that has extreme views like not only amending the CONSTITUTION to prevent gay mariage, but also insists on denying all recognition of gay relationships. including civil unions?

I have to admit that this is they year that I am losing all respect for moderates like Arnold, McCain, Bloomberg, and all of the Log Cabin Republicans. They are going along with the hijacking of the party by rightwing extremists, helping them put a nice-nice face on a very ugly agenda, and selling out their beliefs in the name of a party that does not represent what they believe in.

It's really a shame. Rather than going along with it in the name of party solidarity, why not draw the line and form a party that reflects their fiscally conservative, socially moderate views? I can understand that they don't want to cross over to the Democratic party (despite the fact that it's the party of the center these days, regardless of what the Republican hype machine says).

Sure, if the moderate Republicans were to split off into a new party they would throw this election to the Democrats, but what about the future? A party that veers to the right on defense and the economy, while remaining moderate on social issues and taking a technocrat attitude towards science issues like stem cell research has the possibility of pulling ahead of BOTH parties if it's led by names as well known as those mentioned above.

And it would leave an extreme right wing republican party to wither.

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*sigh* again with the fecking costumes...jeebus christ I'm beginning to think we should just take those damn pics down.
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