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So, earlier today, just as an idle exercise, I added up all of the read/write random access storage in the house, and it's scary. My house has over a terabyte of disk space in it. Of course I am counting everything - all of the computers, the Replay TVs, the hard disk MP3 players, etc. But still - over a terabyte. Whoever would have thought that a home would have a terabyte of storage.

The scary thing is that, really, it's not that much. I mean, since I plan on getting rid of my CD changers and just ripping all my CDs using a lossless codec, I'm going to fill up a quarter of the space right there.

I'm betting right now that within a year, I'll have two terabytes of storage in the house - and that it still won't seem like enough.

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I still have my old Commodor PET in storage with its "awesome" 32kb of memory! It was originally just a 16kb machine, but I had to buy a 16k memory expansion so that I could play Lords of Karma, a text based adventure (by EPYX, I think).

> My house has over a terabyte of disk space in it.

Does that make you a tera-ist?

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