Goin' Back To Cali

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We are going to be back in San Francisco from late Friday (the 6th) through the 15th. We have a wedding on the 7th to attend, but other than that our schedule is pretty wide open. If you anyone rememebers who we are, please feel free to post a comment and get in touch, we would love to have lunch with you, or go to your parties.

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Hey - I'm in the castro on market st. and I have a cute baby. Come visit!

Hi, Edwin:

This is NOT related to your pending visit, but I couldn't find your email address on your site and wanted to thank you for the KQAK portion of your site. Brought back lots of memories.

I've been looking for some time for playlists, end-of-year "best of" lists, or anything from KQAK that I could use for reference in hunting down some of the music I miss from those days. I've managed to find some--including Cube's "Love's Taboo," which I never thought I'd find--and hope to find more.

My wife (then girlfriend) were huge Quake fans, dragging our butts out of bed and driving from San Jose to SF to sit in on the Alex Bennett show, using Steve Masters as our party-night soundtracks, etc. I followed Rob Francis over from KFJC and particularly enjoyed his presence. We spent the final day of the Quake listening on a boombox, taping at home, as we sat in line for a Tear for Fears (or Frankie Goes to Hollywood--not sure which since we saw both within a few days at the same venue) concert in Oakland. It killed us to see it go.

Anyway, sorry to bore you, but as I said, your sight brought back lots of memories. And thanks for posting the MP3s--we were huge fans of The Uptones, and I never expected to see anything by them online!

If you have any playlists or URLs containing them, I'd be most appreciative. Meanwhile, thanks for the memories...

Scott Hamilton
Foster City, CA

Edwin gore you *dork* I can't believe you came back to Cali and didn't give me a call. Sigh. Miss you, hope we can catch up some day.

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