Hawking Flip-Flops Again!!!

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Infamous for re-evaluating his position in light of new facts, Stephen Hawking has now flip-flopped on his position regarding the ability of information to escape from the clutches of a black hole. Thirty years ago he held it was impossible, now he says it's possible that SOME information may be able to escape.

Who is this guy that he is unable to hold onto his position regardless of facts? Can he be trusted about ANYTHING if he re-evaluates EVERYTHING based upon new information!?!?!?

(This message brought to you by Bush/Cheney - Beat Science in 2004!)

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Ed, I can't agree with you more. The other day I noticed a little blurb about this on the front of the Wall Street Journal, and spent the rest of my lunch hour subjecting my coworkers to a similar rant. What is the world coming to???


What I find most irritating is that most news outlets got the story wrong, not understanding that the question was over information escaping from a black hole, not matter or energy.

I don't get it. Why is it wrong for him to admit that he was wrong? I mean wouldn't it be pretty stupid if scientists refused to accept that the world was in fact round and not flat when that was discovered. I mean you can't even call that a flip-flop. All he really said was in light of newly discovered information he believes he was wrong. Hell the guy even admitted that he lost a bet to another scientist (sorry I don't know the name) because of his change of opinion.

Irony. Look it up some time.

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