So sick...

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I'm so sick. Both physically and psychically. It started off with simple TMJ (Ow! Jaw hurt!) and then when I was at the doctor's about that I mentioned something else that was bothering me that seems to have set off a whole new bunch of stuff. Now they have me on Cipro (the antibiotic that you were warned not to hoard in the face of the the Anthrax scare a few years ago), and on pain killers.

Basically I am unable to function - the Cipro is messing me up real good, and when combined with the pain killers I can't concentrate. I go to work, but huge amounts of time are spent staring at screens trying to remember what I am doing.

Luckily my boss is being understanding and is willing to work with me on this over the next few weeks while I am essentially useless.

God I want to take a nap...

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I just sort of found this randomly. >_>' Hope you get better soon? ^-^ V

Thank you. Me too.

awww Daddiyoh!
Hopes ya feels better. It must be hell for the punkin-dawg.
Watch where you put your hands in future... :]
And here's a little something ( )to help you feel better (hope that link works)

I cower in fear at the products offered via that link - especially if you go more than a page deep.

On another note, I'm feeing a bit better - I think that I am adjusting to the meds and my body has just given up struggling. Only two more weeks! Yay!

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