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Pete and Lou Got Married II

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So, today same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts. Time to sit back and watch civilization not collapse because of it. From all the descriptions I have heard of the event in Cambridge, where they opened the clerk's at midnight so that people, some of whom have waited 50 years, wouldn't have to wait a moment longer, things went great. 10,000 well wishers compared to about 100 protesters - all of whom came in from Kansas.

And what lovely people, with their "God Hates Fags" signs. Touching, and it really makes me think they are moved by their deep religious convictions, and not blind stupid hate.

Here's a link to David Weinberger's blog entry covering the event.

So sick...

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I'm so sick. Both physically and psychically. It started off with simple TMJ (Ow! Jaw hurt!) and then when I was at the doctor's about that I mentioned something else that was bothering me that seems to have set off a whole new bunch of stuff. Now they have me on Cipro (the antibiotic that you were warned not to hoard in the face of the the Anthrax scare a few years ago), and on pain killers.

Basically I am unable to function - the Cipro is messing me up real good, and when combined with the pain killers I can't concentrate. I go to work, but huge amounts of time are spent staring at screens trying to remember what I am doing.

Luckily my boss is being understanding and is willing to work with me on this over the next few weeks while I am essentially useless.

God I want to take a nap...

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