My Good Dog

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So, today I got up and got ready to go to work. Since Ashley has school later, I didn't need to wait for her, and headd out through the kitchen to take my dog, Pumpkin, out to do his filthy business. Going through the kitchen I glance out the window only to have my heart jar to a stop, since there is a giant flesh-eating mule deer right outside the window. Looking farther into the yard, I saw four more deer lurking in the yard.

After I recovered, I started to worry about taking Pumpkin out, since he can easily run from the sideyard into the back where the deer are. Unfortunately he obviously really needed to go out.

He also didn't seem very interested in the deer outside the window, he looked out at them, but he wasn't going crazy or anything.

So I went ahead and took him out, holding onto him tightly. After he got out there, he glanced over at the deer, I let go of him, and went about his business. The deer looked nervously over at him, he glanced once or twice more at them and then padded back into the house without another glance at the deer.

What a good dog!

Of course, a little while later the deer wandered from the backyard into the front yard and he went crazy and started barking at them like mad.

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Hey Im trying to find out if anyone owns the rights to the shinra corporation image at

That would be me that owns it. What are you interested in using it for?

A game called freelancer im making a clan called shinra and just hoped i could use the image?

Seeing as right now I am watching the Firefly DVD set, and have huge sympathy for Freelance players, I say sure. You have my permission.

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