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Lately I have not been very good at updating this site. With all the wonderfully horrible things that are going on this great nation, I have been too busy working towards launching or re-lauching several websites I am working on to comment. I have decided that I need to at least pop in and say something...

Sooo...here we go.

Sadly, it appears that the Democratic Primaries are going to be won by a zombie with slightly less charisma than Al Gore. While I was supporting Dean early on, and even gave him some money, he really dropped in my estimation when he suddenly started talking about Jesus and going to church with Jimmy Carter. I don't want a candidates religion to have anything to do with the race - even if it's being used cynically. I guess that if I had to pick a horse today it would have to be Edwards for two reasons. He announced his candidacy on The Daily Show, to fufill a promise he made to Jon Stewart over a year ago, and because he has some personality. I know, I know, I should be concerned about "the issues", but you know what? No one running is anywhere NEAR me on the issues, so I'll go for the one with a good smile.

BoobGate - So, the site of a woman's breast is an outrage, and against the family values (drinking beer, large, but slightly covered breasts, misogyny, homo-erotic undercurrents) that the NFL represents. If boobs are so bad for children, does this mean a federal ban on breast feeding soon? I wouldn't be surprised, since that would be good for the corporations that manufacture formula, and I am sure that some of them contributed to the Bush campaign...

God I hate everything.

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Yes, I agree. BoobGate appears very hypocritical. I mean, the SuperBowl was pretty much sponsored by male erectile-dysfunction drugs anyway. I guess they aren't afraid of kids asking how Mike Ditka achieves a better quality erection?!?!?

This just in:

The American people are insane.

Which of the following is worthy of outrage:

A) Janet Jackson's nipple
B) The has president mislead the country into an $87 Billion dollar war over non-existant weapons of mass destruction. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers(conscripts, defending their country from a foreign invader) and innocent victims dead. Thousands of American soldiers wounded and 500+ American soldiers dead.
C) We've become the kind of imperialist aggressors we fought in WWII and 1776.
D) The deficit is higher than an AWOL air-national-guardsmen with an ounce of columbian blow up his nose.
E) The world hates us, and we owe them lots of money(see D)
F) Profits are up. Productivity is up. Jobs are scarce. The American dollar has lost 20% of its value versus the Euro. Health insurance costs have skyrocketed. Europeans get 6 weeks of vacation and free health insurance.
G) Mexico has had to beef up their border security because Americans are sneaking across the border looking for jobs
H) Election 2004: John Kerry(Skull and Bones class of '66) vs. George W. Bush(Skull and Bones class of '68)

What is this! Do you people just sit around with a browser open to my site clicking refresh over and over as if it were /. and you must have first post!?!?!

In answer to your question Will, E is the most worthy of outrage. I think it's ridiculous that we owe the world lots of monkey.

Why waste *my* time clicking 'REFRESH' when I can have this nifty-little python script do it for me?

I'd like to issue a correction:

"D)" should have read:

D)The deficit is higher than an AWOL TEXAS air-national-guardsmen with an ounce of columbian blow up his nose.

Ask your doctor how you, too, can get a bigger Ditka.

My name is Contra.

I really don't have any comments on your blog, sorry, but I do have one for you yourself...

I want your URL!!!

I have to ask, would you ever be willing to sell this domain name? If so, for how much? I am a member of a group of online roleplayers that roleplay FF7's Shinra Incorporated. I mean, I'm sure you'd never be willing to give this name up, but it's worth a shot, eh?

Either respond here, or E-mail me if you'd ever be interested. IF not.. well, I'm sorry I wasted your time.


Awwww fer fucks sake....
Come up with the equivalent of the last lotteryt (61 million)and then we will talk.
I kidd i kidd... just use the money and start a feckin' revolution would ya?

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