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I have been lax...

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Lately I have not been very good at updating this site. With all the wonderfully horrible things that are going on this great nation, I have been too busy working towards launching or re-lauching several websites I am working on to comment. I have decided that I need to at least pop in and say something...

Sooo...here we go.

Sadly, it appears that the Democratic Primaries are going to be won by a zombie with slightly less charisma than Al Gore. While I was supporting Dean early on, and even gave him some money, he really dropped in my estimation when he suddenly started talking about Jesus and going to church with Jimmy Carter. I don't want a candidates religion to have anything to do with the race - even if it's being used cynically. I guess that if I had to pick a horse today it would have to be Edwards for two reasons. He announced his candidacy on The Daily Show, to fufill a promise he made to Jon Stewart over a year ago, and because he has some personality. I know, I know, I should be concerned about "the issues", but you know what? No one running is anywhere NEAR me on the issues, so I'll go for the one with a good smile.

BoobGate - So, the site of a woman's breast is an outrage, and against the family values (drinking beer, large, but slightly covered breasts, misogyny, homo-erotic undercurrents) that the NFL represents. If boobs are so bad for children, does this mean a federal ban on breast feeding soon? I wouldn't be surprised, since that would be good for the corporations that manufacture formula, and I am sure that some of them contributed to the Bush campaign...

God I hate everything.

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