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| 2 Comments | No TrackBacks announced their new "mini-Ipods" today, proving, once again that Apple has no clue when it comes to product segmentation. When I was an Apple fan back in the 80s and early 90s, I was still always irritated by their inability to create reasonable segmentation in their product line, and the new iPods just continue this trend.

For 249 dollars you can get a 4GB iPod, while by spending another $50 you can get a device with almost 4 TIMES the storage. Are these people idiots? Anyone who would be willing to spend $249 on an iPod has already justified spending $299 on an iPod. This new device has absolutely nowhere to go.

If it was $149 it would kill of every other low-end player and drive traffic to iTunes.

Is it any wonder they have .00000000005 market share?

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They are making a killing in the MP3 player market share, and apple are no doubt chuffed that people are arguing over which of their 2 products they'd like to buy.

Personally, 15GB is useless to me, as I've got more music than that, and who wants something that can hold a lot but not *all* their music? I'd sooner get something smaller, sexier and cheaper, even if it had considerably less space.

4GB is a great size for music I'd like to listen to in any given week, say. Don't think there isn't a market for this, because their sure is.

I'm not saying that there *isn't* a market for this, just that I can't imagine that market is very large. The newer IPODS are not that much smaller, or sexier (I think the original ones have a much better design), and the hold barely over a fourth of the music. It's just not good economics.

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