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VERY Disappointed

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So..apple announced their new "mini-Ipods" today, proving, once again that Apple has no clue when it comes to product segmentation. When I was an Apple fan back in the 80s and early 90s, I was still always irritated by their inability to create reasonable segmentation in their product line, and the new iPods just continue this trend.

For 249 dollars you can get a 4GB iPod, while by spending another $50 you can get a device with almost 4 TIMES the storage. Are these people idiots? Anyone who would be willing to spend $249 on an iPod has already justified spending $299 on an iPod. This new device has absolutely nowhere to go.

If it was $149 it would kill of every other low-end player and drive traffic to iTunes.

Is it any wonder they have .00000000005 market share?

Absolute power

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Whenever somebody tells me not to worry about the additional power being given to government and the possible abuses of power as we (well, they) trade freedom for "security", I like to point them to stories like this.

What frightens me is that if little douchebags in the TSA are pulling crap like this, what do you think is going on in the White House? What/who are THEY making people flush down the toilet?

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