X-Mas Shopping

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I have no idea what to get anyone for Christmas this year. Usually, by the week before Christmas, even though I have not actually purchased anything, I have some idea what I am going to get for people.

My daughter has a job now, and when asked what she what's just thinks for a second and says "I can't think of anything. It's weird - when you are young you want all sorts of stuff, but as you get older you just don't care".

My son is in trouble and restricted from pretty much anything fun. Probably books for him, I'm thinking.

I have no idea what to get my wife- none whatever. I haven't gotten any real good guidance from asking either - I think she is suffering from a more advanced version of the syndrome that my daughter discovered.

Then there are a whole bunch of other people - friends and family - that I have no idea what they might want.

Of course, I can't actually blame anyone for not letting me know what they want - I can't really think of anything either. More hours in a day maybe? Can they manage that?

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