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My Guillotine

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I have finally put up pictures of the guillotine that I built for Halloween. In the right lighting, it's pretty cool looking, if I say so myself.

A Paid Political Announcement

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So, last night I gave Howard Dean one hundred dollars. I don't agree with everything he says, I think that he has made several mis-steps during his campaign, and it's almost painful to watch the man smile, but I felt I had to do something.

I'm very unhappy (as you may have noticed) with the current administration. They don't appear to have any understanding of the foundations of our democracy, or the philisophical underpinnings that have allowed it to flourish. Instead they seem to be interested only in two things: control and money.

I knew we had to get rid of these people the moment they decided that they had the ability to pull the rights of citizans out from underneath them. THe founding fathers were very specific - the power of government arises from the will of the people, and the rights of citizans are not granted by the government. They are inalienable - for those of you who got "C"s all through school, that a big word that means "not-take-away-able".

We have to get rid of these people, most of them have been poisoning our government for the last 30 years and if you look at the record, they are responsible for most of the decisions that have put the world into the mess it is in today.

It's time we got finally rid of them.

Pete and Lou got married

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So, today the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that it was against that state's constitution to deny gays the right to married. I personally think this is a good thing, and really pretty obvious. I also hope that it is the beginning of a change that will spread through the country.

I am really annoyed though at the response from religious groups and the right - they just don't make any sense. Claiming that this is going against 3000 years of "Traditional Marriage" is insane. Have these people ever bothered to actually read the bibles that they thump? According to the bible "Traditional Marriage" includes polygamy, bothers and sisters getting married, and women being required to marry a man that rapes them. Marriages were also usually for reasons other than love - usually political, economic, or social.

Let's face it - over the last 3000 years the institution of marriage has changed enormously, and it will continue to change. This is just one more change, and I think, not really all that big. It doesn't, as some have claimed, endanger marriage - I know that my marriage won't be weakened by it one bit. Churchs aren't going to be forced to perform services for anyone they don't want to, and nobody is going to be forced to go to any gay wedding. All this is about is the legal rights of two unrelated people in a commited relationship, and the rights that the state grants them in recognition of that. It doesn't matter if they can't procreate - do we deny equal protection to a couple that can't have, or chooses not to have, children?

The other thing that bugs me is that they keep complaining about the courts "creating new laws" even though over 50% of people don't agree with them. This is, of course, bullcrap. The courts are interpreting an existing law that very specifically says that the state cannot deny equal rights. The founding fathers structured our government specifically so that the courts COULD do this against popular opinion - they are there to protect the minority from the majority.


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I installed MT-Blacklist today, since I have been having some problems lately with spam-comments - I've only received a dozen or so over the last couple of weeks, but they irritate me.

Just to make it very, very clear - this site has a very strict advertising policy. There are two levels of advertising allowed. If I seek your company out and WANT your advertising on my site, then we can work out an individual deal.

If you decide to post comment spam that directs visitors to commercial sites that are not related to the post you are commenting on (my call) there is a $500 fee which will allow your message to remain up for between 1 and 24 hours, basically till I notice it and delete. By posting comment-spam you are agreeing to these terms. I will send you a bill. Got that?

Coming soon - decapitation

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So, due to busy-ness of life, I have not had a chance to put up any of the pictures of my guillotine that I built, but I promise that I will tonight. They are pretty creepy and it worked out very well. Of course, now I have to figure out where I am going to store an 8' tall wooden guillotine with a 4'x4' base...

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