Today is my birthday

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And I am not sure how I feel about it.

I am turning forty, which as I have pointed out to several people, is like, as old as my parents. In a lot of ways it feels okay to be forty. After all, I have had a pretty good career (with a few economy related bumps), I am married, own a house, and have kids. I worry about money and stuff all the time.

These are all things you should be doing when you are forty. So that sort of makes it okay. I would feel weird if I was younger than forty and did all those things, just like I would feel wierd if I was forty and had not done them.

At the same time, I don't feel very old. I still like to go out, and I still like the same kinds of book and movies. I don't play videogames as much anymore, but that's related more to not being that interested in what's on the market than anything else. If another good Ultima game came out I would totally take a week of vacation to play it.

I still refuse to take everything very seriously, unless it's something that needs to be taken seriously.

Maybe my problem is that as times have changed, what old has changed. Maybe forty is not really that old anymore. I guess I should start worrying about 50 then, I mean, that's REALLY old. Older than my parents probably are.

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You are old old old. I am only 17 which is pretty young. When in 10 years you will be 50 which is almost 60. So when I'm your age you will be almost 70 which is almost dead. If you live THAT long. So you are really just a few years away from 100 which is the age that you start needing diapers and bottles again. Seems unreal doesn't it??? Have a great day!

You are a very mean young lady to point out how old I am. Of course, it does my heart good to know that the young people of today are just as cruel to old people as I was in my youth. I give me hope for our future.

Heyy, people get old when they think they get old. You sound very young ;)

Thank you lilium! Though my back hurts right now and I feel very old, it was a nice thing for you to say!

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