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Good stuff!

Further on down the road.

It's funny. At this point in my life I never thought I would be awake at 2:30 (technically 3:30 - tonight is daylight savings time), listening to records alone.

Seems that you never outgrow that.

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LP's are soooooooo much better than CD's.

* Obsolescence makes them the perfect impulse buy
* No remote controls(gotta get off your ass and turn the record over at the end of the side)
* Personalized! (No two LP's sound alike)
* Twelve inches is bigger and better than four inches any day of the week and twice on sunday
* You can LP's backwards and hear satanic messages
* You can put silly things in the middle of the record and watch them spin
* Cheesy album covers by "Hipgnosis" look really cool when you're all fu---looking at them

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