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Well...the first monster attempt is not going so well. The idea was to make some large tentacles and eyestalks which would be placed around so that they appeared to be burtsing through windows and chimneys.

I think the concept is sound, but the implementation is lacking. The tentacle frame was made of stiff, but bendable wire with three rings of chicken wires along the length of it to give it shape. This was then covered with burlap, which was then to be covered with papermache.

Several problems turned up. The frame was not strong enough, it kept wobbling. The burlap needs to be better fitted to the frame - I was just wrapping it and adhering with duct tape. The last problem was the fiber-duct from the burlap - the papermache didn't want to stick to it.

So, tonight, on to a different project. This time, it's an eightfoot tall guillotine. Since this is a pretty straight forward wood working project, I don't expect any problems. Of course...there will be problems.

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