Duplicity Part Deux

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It seems like this administration has a real big problem with distortion and with keeping their story straight.

Funny enough that you have Cheney out there telling a conservative think tank that the US will never be fettered by any multinational agreements, and considers itself free to attack anybody for any reason, whenever - at the same time that we are practically begging the UN for help in Iraq, but the next bit kills me.

A little than a month after he admitted that there was no Iraq-9/11 connection he gives a speech on Columbus day praising the troops (who's benefits he is cutting) for their sacrifices (more than they are probably aware of) in Iraq, and for "Not forgetting the lessons of 9/11". So much for that little bit of honesty.

I don't know about you, but for me the lesson of 9/11 was that maybe our history of failed intervention and attempts at power brokering in the middle east (the British are also guilty) was not a good idea, and something that we should maybe think twice about doing again.

Oh, wait, now I am probably going to be accused of siding with the terrorists. I'm not though. I am siding with the democratically elected government of Iran that we replaced with a dictatorship, or with the generally dirt poor populations of the middle east that we have assured will stay that way by propping up dictatorships like Saddam, or the House of Saud. We (and the British and the French) set the stage for what is going on in the middle east now. I am not saying that we deserve it, though I am saying it's largely our fault.

I also think that maybe, just maybe, doing more of the same is not going to be a solution.

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