DMCA - Dumb Moronic Copy-Protection Asses

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Hopfully this will finally make courts realize how stupid the DCMA is. A student wrote a paper explaining how to get around the copy protection on a recently released Anthony Hamilton CD. In it he gives several methods of getting around the protection, everything from a removing a driver that is auto-installed on your PC when you insert the disk, to simply holding down the shift key when you insert the CD. SunComm, the creator of the protection scheme, is now threatening to sue him, and he could face felony charges for simply pointing out these two rather obvious ways of disabling the protection.

If this case goes forward, it basically means that a record company could put a label on a CD that says "This CD is copy protected! It is impossible to copy! Do not try to copy it!". If you published an article saying "If you put the CD into a PC and use any program to copy the audio tracks it will work just fine", well, you will have commited a felony for detailing how to circumvent a copy protection scheme (the label that told you it could not be copied).

Dumb, huh?

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