Alex - I'll take "Third Riech" for $50

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Sooo...Finally Ashcroft has declassified the information about the use of that part of the Patriot Act that is let's the government seize business and library records, and prohibits anyone from ever talking about it. You may have heard Ashcroft rail against hysterical (that's conservative-code for female) librarians for their foolish (codeword for red-communist) fears about the use of this power.

Turns out, according to a justice department's never been used.

John Ashcroft said just a couple of months ago that this was a vital tool in the war against terror.

But it's never been used.

Mr. Ashcroft....I'm sorry. You are a really bad liar. Either this has never been used (and is therefore an overreaching power grab) or you are lying - by which I mean using it, and you don't want to tell us (and will claim that you are allowed to lie in the defense of freedom).

Which is it? Hmmmm?

In either case, I guess it's not as bad as Bush finally admitting that there is no evidence of a connection between Iraq and 9/11 - but that there is certainly a connection between Iraq and al Qaida.

Alex - I'll take duplicity for $140 billion...

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In a speech on Monday the Attorney General ridiculed the concerns of librarians. "Do we at the Justice Department care what you are reading? No!" he scoffed. "People are being led to believe FBI agents dressed in trench coats are surrounding libraries." Librarians get pretty testy when government officials make light of free speech. So why did they put language in the Patriot Act giving Federal authorities the right to access library records, the librarians want to know? In Maryland, as in 38 other states, library circulation records are treated as confidential, and federal authorities must have a search warrant to get at records. They'd better hurry, librarians around the country are shredding circulation records. Seeking to calm the furor, the Department of Justice released an accounting showing the library records provision of the Patriot Act had not been used a single time. Bad mistake. So why, the librarians demanded to know, does the Justice Department need this authority if it's not going to use it. Librarians are a lot tougher than they look.

PS: Michael More loves us.

Gosh, You make it sound like the thing that matters is what a law *says*. Just because the law says they can do these things doesn't mean they actually *will* do these things.

Also, it's really apparent from your tone that you refuse to see that John Ashcroft and George W. Bush are good, decent men who have a hard job--they're trying to stop Saddam and Al Qaida from planning another 9/11.

By criticing our leaders during the war on terror you are only helping the terrorists.


Screw you Will. Screw you and you go to hell.

It's really funny how stupid some people can be. He was simply stating some of the various flaws in the acts that were enabled; not being a traitor. Whoever thinks that the government right now is in good shape needs to get a gun and shoot themselves in their head. So fuck stupid people who leave stupid comments, fuck 9/11 ( get over it ) and don't call anyone a terrorist until someone flies a plane into your house, jackass. Peace out.

Actually there are two things that you don't know Uzi. The first is that the previous poster is a very good, and very sarcastic, friend of mine. The second is that I AM a traitor to my country - I don't vote Republican, I don't run a large corporation, I support the ACLU, am an EFF member, and I believe that the power of government arises from the will of the people, rather than the rights of the people being granted by the state.

So, you see, I'm a traitor. Hell, I'm probably a terrorist!

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