Take that Bandwidth Thieves!

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It's amazing. Once you put up a large number of images people think they can just start linking directly to them to use them on their websites. So there are people out there who's avatars on message boards are an album cover they found on my site, or an entry in their blog has an album cover, or, in one case they are using it as the background for their guestbook.

Now understand, I have no problem with people stealing pictures from my site. Most of them I don't own anyway. What I have a problem with is people linking to an image from my site out of context, just so they don't have to host it themselves.

So, as of today, you can't do that anymore - if you try to you will just get a blank image. If you want to link to an image on my site, and it's because you are actually discussing something on my site and providing a link back to my site, get in touch. I would happy to let you use it.

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You shoulda had the images being linked up to something really rude.
That would show them durn bandy width theives!

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