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That everyone that has ever taped a T.V. show, made a copy of a CD they owned to take along in the car, or made a mix-tape to give to a girl (or boy) they like really needs to join the EFF so there is some possibility they will still be able to do these things 5 years from now.

The EFF is really the best way that you can fight against media companies that are trying to make it illegal for you to copy programs from television, and make MP3s from CDs that you own. They are also the voice of reason in the fight over filesharing.

It's not that expensive to join, and even if you don't feel that you can afford to join, you can certainly take 10 minutes to go to their Action Center, where you can send free faxes to your government representatives letting them know how you feel about the crummy job they are doing protecting your rights. And the crummy job you will do protecting their jobs next election.

It's free, and you have nothing to lose (unless you don't act).

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from a big fan of the EFF
not that it matters in the greater scheme of things, in light of the heat death of the universe, geological time, the mysteries of dark matter and superstring theory etc., but at least one of the tracks on that KQAK thingie IS under current licensure by someone who is, obviously, doing a piss poor job of administering the royalties, otherwise [if they were really earning their keep] they'd have sent a death squad to your door...but i really don't care. gary coleman, brandon cruz, etc. probably don't collect all the residuals they are owed on their painful childhoods, either. and look how successful they are now in spite of it all.

so, mp3 away, old chum, tally ho...but watch out for those jeep cherokees with smoked windows and a strange clicking sound on your phone...

the showbiz opera walrus

Which one are you referring to? The only one I was able to track down anything on was "Christian Boy" and Robert gave his permission for it to be here. If you know anybody connected with any other tracks, let me know, I am only too happy to try tracking them down.

i played the keys in the studio for that kut.

Which one? The Robert Siedler track, or the other unnamed (though I now know which one it is...) track?

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