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On this site I have a "shrine" to the radio station I used to work at back in the 80s - you may have noticed it. Inside that shrine there was a cheesy little Matt's board message board which allowed people (like...5 of them) to discuss the station and there memories.

Recently the board got spammed a couple of times, and well, the admin tools for Matt's board suck. So, in irritation, I decided to go for something better.

I installed phpboard, which is terrifyingly powerful. It's, like, a real message board system - better than Yahoo's crummy groups software in fact. It only took about 20 minutes to install too, which surprised me, since I am terrible at doing server-side stuff.

So that's all. No real point, except that I now have superpowerful mesage board software in place for like 5 people who post maybe once a month, tops.

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Ed - haven't checked out your site in some time, still fun to read the CD comments. Why no link the the Trash Can Sinatras any more - or am I missing something?

And you're right, the Hurting was really good.


Hey Ken!

How have you been? I miss the old days of the Trash Can Sinatras list.

Hopefully once I get the software I am using the generate the CD pages finished I will actually be able to write more comments.

My old TCS pages are still up, but I don't maintain them any more. There were so many people linking to them though that I decided to leave them up, but link from there to the official site - Joe does a much better job of staying current than I could ever hope to.


I searched your Examplefile resizequality.rev, but did´t find it.

would you be so kind to mail it to


TOTAL SCORE!! One of my favorite students here at Mills, her dad used to work for the Quake! She pinched one of his QUAKE notepads and gave it to me!! Be jealous. Be very very jealous!

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