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No, that's not a misspelling.

I have avoided Friendster for some time, believing it to be a pointless, silly waste of time, as useless as the old website from the dawn of time. Then I got a request to join from an old acquaintance back in San Francisco, and overcome by nostaligia and longing for days past, I joined.

I have now discovered that I was completely wrong about Friendster. It a pointless, silly, COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE waste of time. I find that I long for the validation that testimonials bring. That I delight at being able to go to a web page and see at the top of it "Sam is your friend". I also like the fact that you can write pithy little nuggets about your friends and claim that they are testimonials.

I fear what will happen to it once they start charging $8 a month for it though. It's beauty lies in it's broad user base, and as soon as they gate the community with fees, I'm afraid that it is going to completely fall apart. Hopefully reason will prevail, and they will come up with someway to effectively tier the offerings. The problem is that the current functionality is JUST enough to make you sign up for it if it free. If they are going to charge for it, paying customers are going to need a level of functionality in addition to what's available now.

Of course they also need to make sure that whatever they do to make it worth paying for doesn't queer what's there now. They are going to be walking a very fine line.

Of course, they could always go with my generic Angry Monkey Value-Add suggestion, and "just add porn".

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