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Tears for Fears

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A bit of a departure this time. Only one person in the last week came hear looking for Tears for Fears, an 80's band that I have one page about (containing their only good album - which is excellent), buried deep within my CD Collection section.

However, what makes it interesting is that this person then proceeded to look at 92 pages of the site. 92 of them! Given that they were all over the place, I am disinclined to think that it's a robot. So the question remains - why on earth would anybody look at 92 pages of this site?!? Could it be that this poor person is in prison, or a mental institution, and has nothing else to fill the long, loney days?

I can't think of any other reason...

Oh, and for whatever reason, this weeks #1 search is for...Desi Arnez. Go figure.

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