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So, including last Friday I've worked, let's see...89 hours. What is amazing to me is that I actually feel pretty good. I normally feel more dragged out after my normal schedule than I do right now.

My first really big IT project went in over last weekend, and this week has been taken up by dealing with the fallout. I keep thinking that things are going to get to the point where I can take a day off, but it just doesn't seem to happen. I will be getting two days off this weekend though.

Overall everything went pretty well, considering that it was my first exposure to a lot of aspects of the business, and I was pretty much flying by the seat of my pants the whole time. The people I was managing seemed to come out of it not hating me, and those above me seem willing to forgive me my errors, since well, everything did get done, and even they were confused about the things that ended up being problems. No one has seen through the facade and realized I have no idea what I am doing. Heck, even I am beginning to feel like I might not be an incompetent stooge.

On other fronts, I have decided to sex things up with CDDbase. I am now re-doing the interface so instead of dull, boring, standard windows, there will now be cool graphics and nifty glossy buttons, all of which ad NOTHING to the functionality, but look really good in screenshots. It's also getting a sexed-up new icon. Woo-Hoo!

I have another project bubbling in the back of my mind right now...one that combines two of my favorite things...cocktails, retro style, and making loads of cash. THREE of my favorite things. More about this once I register some domain names and do some ground work.

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Edwin gore I want to thank u.

For 2 years i have tried many website designs
and even though your one is simple I LOVE
it. I hop you dont mind me basing my web site on
your design. But if u have a problem just
e-mail me.
Oh by the way thats not my real name
its the name of the drummer for rammstein.

Hey why dont you go out and buy a rammstein album for your cd collection their cool and they bring
a bit of european flavout to your cd collection.

Just a thought.

If only I could take credit for this design. It's a modified version of the "Trendy" template and stylesheet for Moveable Type, th publishing system that I use.

I wish I could make stuff that looked this neat on my own.

And while you are listening to Rammstein you could eat a snitzel or a bratvurst and wash it down wiff a Lowenbrau, yah fer sure!

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