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Last night's Daily Show had what was possibly the funniest, and the most horrible scene I have ever seen. It was a clip from a CNN report about American control of the Iraq Oil Ministry. The U.S. Army guy in charge (a real whacko young, bald guy who seemed hopped up on something, and should have been at Burning Man looking for girls to show him their tits) was getting a report on the days production from the Iraqi in charge.

When the Iraqi reported 500K barrels had been produced that day, the Army dork whooped and hollered "Woooo 500 thousand Barrels of Oil! I think I owe you something!" and he turns around and hands the Iraqi...4 cookies that his mother-in-law in Wisconsin had made.

The Iraqi gentleman, and his associates looked...what...non-plussed pretty much sums it up I guess.

500K barrels of oil - 4 cookies.

Is it any wonder that they hate us? Not only are we occupying their country, we are also condescending bastards.

What was interesting was that The Daily Show really couldn't make any jokes about it - I mean, how could you possibly say anything that would make that scene funnier/weirder?

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