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Everyday I look at my logs and I see the things that people have searched for that brought them to my site. Most of the times it's pretty baffling why a particular search term brought someone to my site, or if I try the search myself, why the person clicked on my site on the 5th page of the search...

Anyway, I've decided to, every now and then, highlight things that I find that are, to me at least, particularly interesting.

This week, it's "Moonpools and Caterpillars" A band from southern California that appeared and disappeared in the mid-ninties. To the best of my knowledge they had one album - Lucky Dumpling - which was absolutely amazing. They also, in that brief period of time had advertising gigs with Coke and IBM, and seemed on the verge of making it big, when they decided that their lives were more important than their careers, and packed it in.

Anyway, over the last week 17 people were brought to this site by searching for them - more than anything else this week. They were probably disappointed to find only the entry in my CD collection with a one paragraph rave about the CD in it.

I hope this means that there is something going on with M&C- even if it's just getting airplay again - they were a great band.

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Hey Ed - it's Kat. I've been trying to get in touch. I have a MEB related present for you. Also, I wanted to find out how you'd doing. Please e-mail me at the above address. Talk to you soon.


Oh like it's so hard to get in touch with me. If you do a search for Ed Gore you get me and some idiot in the "Adam Smith Band" or some such shite. If you search for Edwin Gore, it's just me baby.

So..I'm dying to know, especially given the topic that you chose to post under..why post under this topic?

I'll either email or call you tomorrow.It's funny - honest to god, we were just talking about you. It started with a discussion of kids selling their ritalin...

Hee hee...selling Ritalin. As for why I posted under this topic, the honest answer is that there is no particular reason. I think that was simply where I was when I gave up looking for your actual e-mail address which I swear to God is not easy to find online or your website and the three Vodka Tonics I'd consumed prior to posting reinforced this as a good idea. The fabricated answer I was originally tempted to reply with is that it fit with the theme of "What brought you here" because what brought me to your site was actually a Google search for "Marcus Brooks" (really). If I had it to do over, however, I would have definitely posted under the Cookie - Oil Equation just for the utter surrealness of it (and 'cuz it's really funny).

P.S. To defray any unintended disrespect to M&C however, I will now be purchasing "Lucky Dumpling," if I can find it.


Child! have you entirely missed the crasss. commercial side of my website???? Go to the friggin CD Collection, select friggen "M" click on Moonpools and friggen Caterpillars. Click the gad-damn "Buy" link and...

Darn..that's a pretty rare cd...I suggest you instead try

mmmmm...filthy lucre

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