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In a show of solidarity with fellow journalists Jayson Blair, and Stephen Glass, I have decided to come clean about the errors and fabrications that I have allowed to seep into the sacred news source that is edgore.com, depended on every day by ones upon ones of readers...

Saturday I reported that Moonpools and Caterpillars had put out only a single CD. I admit now that was a lie. They had two...in addition to Lucky Dumpling.

I actually even knew about one of them.

Why did I decide to withhold that information? Well...it was because the facts didn't fit the story I so desperately wanted to tell - a story that is, if you think about it, truer than the truth.

I wanted to tell the story of a tiny band, who hit it big in one album, then vanished into obscurity, only to later be searched on by bored people with empty lives, desperately looking for something to fill them.

No, I knew that the band had a first album - "The Pink Album", but it's hard to find, and I have never heard it. They also had a third album, "12 Songs" but I didn't bother to do any research, and frankly, still haven't.

So...why did I do it? Why did I take advantage of my readers, my site visitors, and Moonpools and Caterpillars themselves to create this tower of lies that has now had it's foundations sapped out by the tireless efforts of a single reader who would not give up on the truth?

Well, duh, because nobody actually reads this blog. Don't kid yourself.

Of course, even the person who pointed out they had more than one album thought they only had two, so nobody is perfect.

And I think that there is the lesson here - a lesson that we could all learn from, especially when we look at people like Jayson Blair, who made up stuff, and is now trying to get a big book deal, or Stephan Glass, who made up stuff, and actually DID get a mediocre book deal.

That lesson is this - Make stuff up. Nobody is really paying any attention anyway, and you might be a big book deal out of it.

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