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Saw this on Wired today - had to steal it. This is hands down the grossest thing I have ever heard of...even when I smoked I wouldn't eat this...

Tasty Tobacco
A New York restaurant is catering to smokers who simply can't stand to sit through a meal without taking in some nicotine. Manhattan's new anti-smoking law took effect Sunday and prohibits lighting up in almost every bar and restaurant in the city. An Italian eatery, Serafina Sandro, unveiled a special tobacco menu, which includes gnocchi made with tobacco and filet mignon in a tobacco-wine sauce, garnished with dried tobacco. A lobster and shrimp salad with tobacco is forthcoming, but salmon wrapped in tobacco leaves was rejected, said chef Sandro Fioriti, a cigar smoker.

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Ya know they could wrap sex in a tobacco leaf and i am afraid i would have to decline.
It was bad enough watching the Argentine's smoke throughout their meal but this is just ever so "el wrongo".

Two weeks and no cigarettes.


Congratulations Mikey! Trust me, it gets easier. I only even think about cigarettes now if I am both drunk and with someone who is smoking.

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