Nike "right to lie" case in Supreme Court

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Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Nike "Right to Lie" case, in which Nike is claiming that it had the right to lie in letters sent to School sports coaches and other material in which they claimed not to be using "sweatshop" labor, when in fact they were all along...

Nike doesn't deny that they lied - rather they are claiming that they have a first amendment RIGHT to lie, and that this was not commercial speech, but rather, participation in a dialog about global trade issue.

Yeah, right, whatever. They were lying to people because they wanted to reassure them so that they would continue to buy Nike shoes. This should be an open and shut case. Of course, it's not, and our beloved Administration is weigging in, say that Nike should win, since doing otherwise would allow anybody witht he money to file a case to harrass and stifle the actions of corporations.

This is from the same idiots that think it's a good idea to allow the RIAA to file and execute DMCA supoenas without judicial oversight, which they can then use to harrass people who they believe (but need not prove) are violating copyright.

This is the sort of thing that just bugs the hell out of me. Corporations, whcih are nothing more than legal constructs made out of paper have claimed all the rights of human beings under the constitution, which pretty explicitly says it's about PEOPLE, and now are able to exercise those rights on a level that no human has the resources to match.

William Gibson's dark corporate future, here we come.

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