Democracy will prevail

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In a statement today Vice President Dick Cheney reassured a skeptical world that civilian deaths would not stand in the way of bringing democracy to Iraq.

"Once we have secured the fall of Saddam's evil regime we will bring democracy to all the people of Iraq," Cheney said in a press conference.

"We are right now forming a crack team of election observers, gathered from the city of Chicago, who will assist the Iraqis in creating democratic systems, from a specially constructed smoke-filled bunker we will build outside Baghdad

"Given the remarkable history of Chicago politics, " stated Cheney, squinting menacingly at reporters "I believe that I can assure you that every civilian killed in this war will have the opportunity to participate in elections for many, many years to come."

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OMG! You need this too!!

Now you can fend of fiendish diseases while looking hip!

Well I also have a huge yard, but the thing is I'm only 16 and have to clean it every weekend. Just this past weekend it took me all day just to mow the lawn, not counting having to pick up fallen limbs and picking up leaves from a past storm. I usually don't get any money for it, but hey i'm learning good morals right! Morals indeed.

WOW! This is the first comment that has ever been posted hereby someone I don't already know! This is truly a great, great day.

Walter, I am sorry that you represent an oppressed people, and are forced to labor without compensation. Perhaps soon the United States will see fit to liberate you - though afterwards you will probably still have to mow the lawn - you will just do it as a free man.

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