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Oh my god. SOmeone gets it!

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Judge: File-swapping tools are legal | CNET News.com

Hopefully this will also speed the end of other stupid restrictions on technologies with significant legal appliactions. This could be the start of something good.

Nike "right to lie" case in Supreme Court

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Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court heard the Nike "Right to Lie" case, in which Nike is claiming that it had the right to lie in letters sent to School sports coaches and other material in which they claimed not to be using "sweatshop" labor, when in fact they were all along...

Oh! Oh! Oh!

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Today I noticed that I recently got my first comment ever from someone that I didn't already know!

Thank you, Walter, for your comment under "Democracy Will Prevail"!

Busy Weekend - but got nothing done

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Spent most of the weekend working in the yard. While trimming trees with a chiansaw is loads of fun, it's also surprisingly hard work. Despite all of my labors, it still doesn't feel like that much got done - that's one of the downsides of having a huge yard. There are these huge piles of trimmings all around the house now, but there is still so much to do.

Didn't work on CDDbase (the name I have decided to give to the public version of the software I am writing that manages my CD collection and makes web pages) this weekend, but over the last week quite abit of progess was made. I'm thininking it might be ready for testing next week.


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Saw this on Wired today - had to steal it. This is hands down the grossest thing I have ever heard of...even when I smoked I wouldn't eat this...

Tasty Tobacco
A New York restaurant is catering to smokers who simply can't stand to sit through a meal without taking in some nicotine. Manhattan's new anti-smoking law took effect Sunday and prohibits lighting up in almost every bar and restaurant in the city. An Italian eatery, Serafina Sandro, unveiled a special tobacco menu, which includes gnocchi made with tobacco and filet mignon in a tobacco-wine sauce, garnished with dried tobacco. A lobster and shrimp salad with tobacco is forthcoming, but salmon wrapped in tobacco leaves was rejected, said chef Sandro Fioriti, a cigar smoker.

Democracy will prevail

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In a statement today Vice President Dick Cheney reassured a skeptical world that civilian deaths would not stand in the way of bringing democracy to Iraq.

"Once we have secured the fall of Saddam's evil regime we will bring democracy to all the people of Iraq," Cheney said in a press conference.

"We are right now forming a crack team of election observers, gathered from the city of Chicago, who will assist the Iraqis in creating democratic systems, from a specially constructed smoke-filled bunker we will build outside Baghdad

"Given the remarkable history of Chicago politics, " stated Cheney, squinting menacingly at reporters "I believe that I can assure you that every civilian killed in this war will have the opportunity to participate in elections for many, many years to come."

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