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In real life, I am a relatively funny guy. It's one of the things that people notice about me. Frequently, when I am a topic of conversation, someone will say "He's funny", "He has a good sense of humor", or "Hey! Let's talk about something else". Many of the comments in my CD Collection, for example, are quite funny.

I would like for that humor to carry over into my blog, but it doesn't seem to be happening. Everything I want to write about just seems so depressing, or so important that I can't see the humor in it. Between having our civil liberties stripped away by the government, and our rights as consumers stomped on by corporations (with help from the government), to slowly, inexorably easing into a neverending war without any front (how Orwellian!) very little seems funny anymore.

That really, really sucks. I should be able to laugh at all of this - it would make it more bearable - but it's just not happening.

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But you ARE funny Ed! And so is Sharon and the rest of the family... I miss you all so much


Thanks Dan - I appreciate it. In honor of you, I have made the latest entry funny.

We miss you too!

you know that you wanted me

Mikey!!!!! How's it going?


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