Planet of the Jack-A-Napes

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Yesterday we watched the last 20 minutes or so of the original Planet of the Apes on T.V., and we noticed that the location of the sunken Statue of Liberty is completely wrong - even if there had been huge geological changes from a war.

I now believe that the movie is even more prescient than previously believed. (I already believe that Apes have taken over the world, you see...)

Here is the theory...

In the very near future, in a fit of spite, President Bush will give the Statue back to the French, saying that if they aren't going to do whatever we say, then we don't want their filthy socialist statue anymore than we want the immigrants or liberties it represents.

We will pass the statue over to our British lackies - I mean allies - who will leave it just off the coast of Dover.

Unbeknownst to the French however, the statue will be filled with Special Forces troops. Once the French drag the statue across the channel, these troops will wait until nightfall, then emerge, taking over the city. The French will then be put to work doing whatever it is that Bush thinks they do best - probably making freedom fries, which will be used to feed the troops in Iraq...

Anyway, that's why the Statue of Liberty is in what is OBVIOUSLY the wrong place at the of the original Planet of the Apes.

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You're right, the location is completely wrong. Most likely it would be under water -- more like the future Manhattan a la A.I.

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