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I think that what bothers me most about our current administration is their ability to speak out of two - sometimes three - sides of their mouths at once.

For example, after leaving government, when Clinton came into Office, Dick Cheney, who had previously been Secretary of Defense during Desert Storm and had been one of the people calling Hussain a "new Hitler" proceeded directly to Haliburton where he made millions by doing business with Hussain.

George himself had recently arrested terror suspect Sami al-Arian getting the Muslim vote out for him in Florida in 2000.

Post-911 Karl Rove had the man's son over to the White House to discuss Bush's "Faith-based intiative".

This despite 6 year long investigations of both of them.

These are the people who are in charge now. As near as I can tell, they have no convictions, save that whatever will help them achieve their goals, as expeditiously as possible, is the right thing to do.

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