It's Over and It's Starting

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The snow is over, and everyone survived. Everything is still white, and the streets are still hazardous, but by then end of the day everything should be back to normal. Much excitement this morning when I was driving into work. About 1/4 of a mile from work there is a tight curve, and I made the mistake of taking it at 4 MPH, causing me to slide off the road - in slow motion - into a drift of snow about 4 feet high.

I couldn't get the car out and had to abandon it for a couple of hours. When I went back everything had melted enough that I could just back out. It was interesting though, sitting there as the car slid, excurciatingly slowly across the road. I wasn't in any danger or anything - it was just - weird.

It also looks like we are at war now. There are parallels to my loss of control here. For months we have been on a long, slow, seemingly inevitable slide into war. Hopefully it will end as safely and easily as my accident did.

I doubt it though.

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