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An article on msnbc about support for the war amuses me. Specifically:

"Bush’s approval rating of 67 percent in the poll of 516 adults conducted Sunday was up from 62 percent on March 17, two days before the first air strikes against Iraq. The percentage of Americans who disapprove of Bush’s job performance also declined by 5 percent, from 33 percent to 28 percent, over the period."

What perception! According to this analysis, the percentage of people who don't think Bush is doing a good job DECREASED by exactly the same percentage that his approval rating INCREASED! Wow! That's an amazing analysis of the situation!

I'm going to go cry for the loss of american journalism now.

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Did they really poll a whole 516 adults? Wow, talk about a comprehensive pool.

They make me so mad

Well, you know - that's how many were at the Pro-War rally where they took the survey...

You should prolly do an in depth analysis on dee-eff since your page for Flying Lizards is non existant (just like Bush's common sense) and the pic for the 2nd Bryan Ferry album is missing/brokey.

You should also prolly spend more time helping me get my pics up so that my many fans can finally be happy.

Oh it's all there - never you fear my dearie.

Does look like some links are screwed up though. God dammit. That's okay...the new improved version of my CD database will not make such mistakes.

Hello people. I wonder if Ed would really let me post under his name.

> Hello people. I wonder if Ed would really let
> me post under his name.

I doubt it.

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