I know there's a war going on...

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But I just finished writing the software do-hickey that will automatically create pages for my CD collection! Needless to say I am psyched. As soon as I take care of a database issue or two the whole thing will go up.


Now back to your regularly scheduled bleakness.

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What sort of software doohicky is this? You know, one day I ought to list all of the albums that I own and a software doohicky might be useful.

By the way, regarding the war, Today the American Media is up in arms because Iraq broadcast images of POWs being held. But didn't the US Media broadcast images of Iraqi POWs two days ago?

Silence Mikey! There will be no discussion of possilbe American duplicity today! Today is a sacred day devoted to the fact that I have got more of my CD collection up.

Check it out...D-F is out.

As for the thingee I wrote, it takes the database that is made by my CD-changer control software and makes the beeee-u-tiful HTML pages that you see out of it.

In other words, it's relatively useless.

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